Custom Backings

More Information About Our Backings

Iron-On – Iron on backings offer an easy way to attach patches to nearly any type of material. Iron on patches can be attached using a standard home iron set at a temperature of 302 ºF for 6-8 seconds. Heat presses are not recommended to affix iron-on patches.

Velcro Backing – Our velcro backing features a high quality, hook & loop design resulting in superior fastening. Velcro backings come with both the hook side sewn to your patch and the soft side ready to be sewn onto your garment. Sizes up to 4.5″

Peel & Stick – A temporary backing intended for light use and non-permanent applications. Peel & Stick backings are often used for conventions or promotional events where the patches are a one-time use item.

PVC – The most common type of backing for embroidered patches. A PVC backing is a strengthening layer of plastic applied to the back of the patch which results in a more rigid patch that will be more resistant to bending and becoming wavy.

Tuxedo Clip – A clip on attachment features a metal, alligator-style clip which is suitable for attaching to suit pockets, ties or waist-bands.

Safety Pin – A metal safety pin closure applied to the back of your patch.

No Backing – The back of your patches will be exposed with no backing applied over the stitching. Patches with no backing are very flexible and lightweight.